All Around Allseas

All Around Allseas

Allseas is a major organisation involved in the area of laying offshore oil and gas pipelines. The development of new ships is done fully as direct labour. In the autumn of 2007, Allseas completed the conversion of the bulk carrier ‘Geeview’ to a dynamically positioned pipe-laying chip ‘Audacia’. In December the ‘Audacia’ laid its first pipeline in the North Sea. The stinger over which the piping is positioned over the sea bed is located at the bow of the ship and is what makes this pipe-layer unique. The “Audacia” is capable of laying up to 6km of pipe per day (max. diameter 60 inches), at depths of up to 4,000 metres

Walking around this gigantic ship is extremely impressive.  Excluding the stinger, it measures 225 metres and when the stinger is included, it reaches a length of no less than 327 metres. You can understand how it feels to be able to install a lubrication system here. Our systems are located in the integrated operation frame, at a height of 57 metres and the frame forms a crucial part of the production line. The stinger is carried on huge steel wires and the discs over which these wires run are lubricated fully automatically.

Our seaworthy system on the “Audacia” is exposed to the most extreme weather conditions (seawater, changes in wind and temperature). TrustLube delivers in practice