Grand Opening Singapore Office

Singapore, 3 October 2013 - The Singapore office has officially been opened. The joint offices and warehouse are shared with IMT Far East and Hatenboer-Water Asia.

Ambassador Mr. Jacques Werner of the Dutch Embassy in Singapore stated in his speech:
Yes, joint offices and warehouse. These three companies have decided to strike out together into Asia.
From the early days of the Netherlands, the Dutch have known that only by working together can we win the fight against the water. It has become our DNA: by working together we create the opportunity for growth and innovation.
These three companies, all working in the water and maritime sector, now share offices and experience in Singapore. Together they will grow and expand their business in Asia.
Like these companies, the Netherlands and Singapore share many similarities.
Both our nations are global hubs.
Both our nations are home to some of the largest ports in the world.
Both boast a well-reputed and innovative maritime industry.
And like the companies, we grow stronger by working together. Singapore and the Netherlands are strong and dependable economic partners. Decades of collaboration have encompassed industry, education, research, culture and government policy. We have a close and long-standing relationship working together in the maritime and water sector. Our countries have benefited, learned and grown through this relationship. Many of the most distinguished Dutch companies in these fields have already opened offices in Singapore. They have been joined by IMT Far East, Hatenboer-Water Asia and Trustlube.
These companies are clearly a prime example of the Dutch entrepreneurial spirit. IMT Far East, Hatenboer-Water Asia and TrustLube have grown out of the long Dutch tradition of off-shore and maritime sector. And from the foundation of this tradition they build innovative and high tech products.
IMT Far East, Hatenboer-Water Asia and Trustlube offer integrated solutions, from source to tap points, from drawing board to implementation, both the technology and the tools needed to operate it.
TrustLube is, in its own words, “young and dynamic”, perfectly fitted for future-oriented Singapore. The company builds lubrication systems which are designed to increase productivity while saving you money. And if there is no existing answer for your particular question? Then TrustLube promises to invent one themselves. Because the company’s ambition is to de-stress their customer, which must be music to the ears of hard-working off-shore people.
This is something else these companies share with Singapore, apart from entrepreneurial spirit and a desire for innovation and growth: they aim to give their customers a high quality of living.
Innovation, high quality, and growing through cooperation are the keywords for this company collaboration. The same words also describe the relationship between the Netherlands and Singapore.
We congratulate Hatenboer-Water Asia, IMT Far East and TrustLube Asia Pacific with the opening and wish them lots of success.