Rack & Pinion Grease

New: Xtreme Rack & Pinion Grease

Xtreme Rack & Pinion Grease
TrustLube® - Xtreme Rack & Pinion is a lithium-calcium complex grease, based on biodegradable esters. The functional thickener gives the product an extreme heavy load carrying capacity. The grease has an excellent mechanical stability, good corrosion protection and water resistance which are important in wet and corrosive environments. Applications are Rack & Pinion and Skid Beams on cantilever on jack-up platforms, storage and thread protection, slides, and any other highly loaded, slow moving surface.

Automatic Lubrication System
The TrustLube® dual line system is, due to the simplicity and reliability, the preferred choice for heavy-duty applications. With the TrustLube® system one metering unit per grease point is used. All metering units are working independent of each other regardless temperature, tube length and viscosity of the lubricant. TrustLube® systems provide reliable lubrication for large extended installations and deliver an exact quantity of grease each cycle to provide optimal lubrication to each greasing point.