Xtreme Rack & Pinion certified for North Sea

TrustLube is proud to announce that its high-end lubricant developed especially for greasing rack & pinion systems, is certified for use in the North Sea.

The required CEFAS registration has been obtained after extensive testing. Due to the very low toxicity the lubricant has been awarded OCNS E-class, which is the category that contains the greases that are the least harmful for the environment. Obtaining the certification is part of TrustLube’s long-term companyvision on sustainability. 
Xtreme Rack & Pinion has an extreme adhesion to steel. This means that the grease will stick to the surface, will not blow or wash away. In combination with the extreme load carrying capacity makes Xtreme Rack & Pinion perfect for use on jack-ups and windmill installation platforms.  
The TrustLube system is, due to the simplicity and reliability, the preferred choice for heavy-duty applications. With the TrustLube system one metering unit per grease point is used. All metering units are working independent of each other regardless temperature, tube length and viscosity of the lubricant. TrustLube systems provide reliable lubrication for large extended installations and deliver an exact quantity of grease each cycle to provide optimal lubrication to each greasing point.

For more information about Xtreme Rack & Pinion or our other products, please contact Mr. Chiel van Daelen on chiel.vandaelen@trustlube.com or follow us on Facebook
More information about CEFAS can be found on www.cefas.co.uk