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If we had to describe TrustLube in two words, they would be young and ambitious. At TrustLube, we design, manufacture, assemble and install automatic lubricating and monitoring systems for the petroleum/chemical, dredging, offshore and maritime industries. Despite the relatively short existence of our organization, we have already reached quite a few milestones over the past ten years. We have not only achieved a radical cultural change in the traditional way of thinking about, but also in the approach of, lubricating systems. Currently, many heavy-duty installations are operational around the world and in the most extreme conditions that trust in the knowledge and expertise of the TrustLube organization.

Our success is based on de-stressing our customers. TrustLube takes a huge part of maintenance out of their hands. We guarantee exact dosage of lubricant, at the correct location, at the desired time, thus requiring a lot less lubricant. There are real-life examples where we have achieved a saving of more than 70%. Furthermore, proper lubrication reduces malfunction and damage, resulting in increased productivity and fewer repairs, making considerable savings achievable. At TrustLube, nothing is impossible. We always find a suitable solution or invent one ourselves. It is with this positive and entrepreneurial attitude that all TrustLube staff work on a daily basis. All our innovative lubricating systems are custom-made and developed in-house. We engineer, produce, assemble, programme, test, validate and install all our lubricating systems ourselves.

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Working at TrustLube means working in a young, innovative and fast-growing organization driven by sustainability and social involvement, in a team-spirited organization with sufficient room for training and inspiration. All of this makes TrustLube a unique employer, an employer that provides space for development. Your development.


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