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Your world is constantly changing. Just like your installations. Your installations must be well lubricated to guarantee continuity and safety. TrustLube helps you with intelligent solutions that apply exactly the right amount of lubricant, at the right time and in the right place. Companies in the maritime industry, mining and the food & production industry rely on our lubrication systems day and night. Our solutions consist of two parts: a dosing system and an electric pump. We also offer professional lubricants.

Dosing systems

TrustLube dosing systems

Lubrication is precision work. With TrustLube you provide each lubrication point with its own dosing unit. Such a unit injects exactly the right amount of lubricant into the lubrication point at the right time. The individual dosing units function completely independently of each other.

Electric pumps

TrustLube Electric pumps

TrustLube electric pump systems ensure a constant and reliable supply of lubricant to the dosing units. A central pump, the intelligent system controller and measuring equipment together ensure that your lubrication points are supplied with clean lubricant at the right time.

Xtreme Grease

TrustLube Xtreme Grease

TrustLube lubricants ensure optimum lubrication and significant cost savings. Our lubricants are fully adapted to our system and associated dosing units. A hermetically sealed system from the central pump to the metering units ensures that you can rely 100% on clean lubricant.