TrustLube Dosing systems

Your world is constantly changing. Just like your installations. You would like to keep it that way. That is why TrustLube dosing systems supply your machines with exactly the right amount of lubricant. Our solutions always deliver top performance, even under the most extreme conditions. This guarantees business continuity, reduces maintenance costs and extends the life of your installations.

What is a dosing system?

Lubrication is precision work. If you do not lubricate enough, the parts of your installation wear too quickly and you increase the risk of failure. If you lubricate too much, you waste precious lubricant. The TrustLube dosing system ensures that each individual lubrication point of your machine is supplied with exactly the right amount of lubricant.

How does it work?

Each lubrication point of your installation gets its own dosing unit. Such a unit injects the right amount of lubricant at the right time. All units work independently.

The different dosing systems are mounted on stainless steel distribution blocks. These distribution blocks connect seamlessly to the main lines that supply the lubricant. This makes it possible to scale up the number of dosing units - where necessary - quickly and easily.

Always the right dose

All lubrication points have their own dosing units, which are available in different sizes. From 0.11 cc to 6.12 cc. As a result, each lubrication point gets exactly the right amount of lubricant for each cycle. The system can process lubricant up to class NLGI-2.

Prevents leaks and blockages

Leaking lubricant causes waste, pollution and dangerous situations. TrustLube's smart dosing systems and distribution valves prevent lubricant from leaking. The dosing valve can be electronically monitored to detect any blockages in time.

You know exactly how much you lubricate

With TrustLube it is possible to accurately monitor the release of lubricant with a Metering Device Sensor (MDS). We offer three types of measuring sensors for the dosing units:

  • The standard sensor measures the entire lubricant cycle in a dosing system with LED sensors.
  • The battery sensor does the same as a standard sensor, but works as a standalone unit with a long-lasting battery.
  • The visual sensor only detects movements when the dosing system applies the lubricant.

Technische details

  • Output Lubricants: 0.11 cc (min.) – 6.12 cc (max.)
  • Maximum pressure: 350 bar
  • Minimal Pressure: 20 bar
  • Output connection: 1/8” BSPP Optioneel: NPT
  • Hoofdlijn connection: 3/8” BSPP (2x) Optioneel: NPT
  • Distribution station: 3 tot 13 doseringsunits
  • Operational temperature: -25°C tot +80°C
  • Material: Roestvrij staal, AISI316L (1.4404)
  • Lubricant: Vet: Max. NLGI 2, Olie: Min. 50 mm2 s-1

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