SMART Factory 4.0

TrustLube B.V. is working hard to become a SMART Factory. We recognize that, only by embracing Smart Industry, also known as Industry 4.0, we have a right to exist for the future. By maximally automating our processes, we are able to produce 24/7. Moreover, in this way we can optimize our processes and guarantee the quality of our products and services.

Proven concept

We now have years of experience and expertise in professional lubrication systems and lubricants. By producing our basic elements (including manifolds and metering units) in-house, we can respond more flexibly to the increasing market demand. In addition, we are constantly focused on new products and innovative improvements and / or adaptations of existing products. After all, standing still is deterioration.

At TrustLube B.V. we are constantly working on questions such as: How do we make the Human Interface easier? How do we integrate the different processes using professional software? How do we become stronger as a supplier and how do we remain competitive in our markets? What requirements do Maritime, Mining, Food and production place on their lubrication systems?

Added value

Since the start, we have gained a lot of expertise and know-how in various environments. We are of value in those places where materials make contact. After all, this creates friction, which in turn causes wear. Lubricant is necessary in these places; we are therefore indispensable. Our systems are installed on cutter suction dredgers and crane ships, but also on installations that prepare and package food. By lubricating too much, too little or completely incorrectly, these indispensable machines can still come to a standstill. Trustlube B.V. keeps the world of its customers moving. We do this by continuously innovating lubrication. Our promise is reflected in our slogan: We keep your word in motion. Nonstop.

Innovative and unique solutions

TrustLube B.V. offers durable and robust lubrication solutions. All innovative products that minimize wear and ensure maximum uptime. Solutions that are easy to monitor and minimize wastage of lubricant. Our products apply exactly the right amount of lubricant to the right place. Without missing a millimeter. We also provide real-time insight into the lubrication process. We serve companies in the maritime sector, the food industry, the production industry and mining. Our lubrication systems ensure maximum uptime and perform under the most extreme conditions.

Sharing knowledge

In 2019 we entered into an intensive collaboration with a number of leading parties in the manufacturing industry. We have joined forces with the supplier of our machines (Fanuc), the CAD / CAM software (CNC-Consult) and measurement solutions (Mitutoyo). In the coming years we will work with them to optimize our sub-processes (work preparation, production planning, CAD / CAM programming, tool management, machines and production planning). Because of the challenge we all face, we help TrustLube B.V. to a bright future.