Pieter Becker has been appointed as the General Manager at TrustLube. He worked at TrustLube before as an engineer, from 2010 to 2013. In that period Becker gained his knowledge about automatic lubrication systems and grease, and fell in love with the complex structures in the offshore and dredging industry where TrustLube is active. “Lubrication is an expertise. It is about the knowledge of the machine or structure, the grease itself, and the way of applying the grease”, says TrustLube CEO Chiel van Daelen. “Our modular greasing systems are used around the world, in a variety of industries. We are happy to have Pieter back on board. With Pieter in the team again, we can increase our commercial force, expand our brand and optimize our internal organization.”

TrustLube strengthens Management Team

From 2013 to 2020 Becker worked at Damen Shipyards. After starting as a Sales Manager in the Americas team, he grew to become Area Manager for Latin America, leading a commercial team of six Sales Managers.

Becker knows how the cookie crumbles. “For TrustLube it is great to count with someone having a big network in the maritime industry, the biggest sales market for our company. Besides that, Pieter has a lot of technical knowledge, which is important for understanding our project approach, our products and the needs of our clients. The fact that he speaks fluent Spanish is an interesting bonus, since we operate everywhere in the world”, says Van Daelen.

TrustLube is an authority in the field of automatic lubrication. “Our people are tribology experts. Whether it’s about huge bearings or the jacking system of an oil rig; if moving parts have to be lubricated, we know everything about it. Lubrication runs through our veins. We even make our own recipes for our Xtreme grease types. TrustLube supply grease for different applications.”