Summer Promotion: Xtreme Lubrication Samples

Summer Promotion: Xtreme Lubrication Samples

TrustLube can save on your lubricant consumption, extend the lifetime of your equipment and increase your uptime.

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From single point lubrication to bulk handling systems: Xtreme Greases are uniquely compounded for marine environments. The lubricant form a thin lubricating film and has an exellent water resistance due to the extreme adhesion to steel. All products are free of solids, particles and metals, have a very good thermal stability and can withstand xtreme pressure.

TrustLube's Xtreme Lubricant series is a modern, high performance product, suitable for applications in heavy industries. The extreme load carrying capacity and consistency make the product the first choice for marine applications with extreme loaded equipment. The grease is easily pumpable in TrustLube systems, despite its high base oil viscosity.

Applications are for example:

  • Wire rope
  • Subsea
  • Open Gear
  • Skidding

Advantages of Xtreme Lubricants:

  • Sustainable
  • Water resistant
  • Heavy load
  • Low consumption