TrustLube introduces KANBAN

TrustLube introduces KANBAN

As a project oriented organization that is expanding rapidly, TrustLube keeps a close eye on all work processes. Last month the KANBAN method is implemented, in order to manage these processes even more easily, says Chiel van Daelen, Managing Director of TrustLube.

Optimizing processes

KANBAN, literally meaning signboard, was first introduced at the Toyota factory in Japan in 1953 and is a logistic control system for just-in-time and lean & mean producing. It is used as a demand signal that immediately travels through the supply chain, limiting work-in-progress by visualizing the production process. Chiel: We have been working with the agile/scrum methodology for several years, but with KANBAN we can optimize processes even more.

High quality performance

By visualizing the workflow and limiting the work-in-progress, it is possible to measure the lead time of producing processes even more accurately. This means that we will be able solve bottlenecks in time and deliver more consistently, without building up stock, Chiel explains. He continues: KANBAN is an excellent example how TrustLube constantly optimizes work processes not only to meet high-quality demands and customer satisfaction, but also to improve our performance in terms of sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

More information

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