TrustLube Running Team to Harbour Run 2016

TrustLube Running Team to Harbour Run 2016

The brand new TrustLube Running Team will participate at the fourth edition of the Harbour Run on Sunday October 9th. 

The running team will complete a 10 km course with obstacles through the Rotterdam Waalhaven. Not just a special location, the harbour of Rotterdam, but certainly because of the challenges that will await them! This edition of the Harbour Run takes place on Sunda October 9th 2016, from 13:00 am at the port of Rotterdam.


A trail of about 10 km leads through the harbour of Rotterdamse, on port areas, on quays, past ships, cranes, containers and across a number of terminals. Normally, these areas are not accessible, but on October 9th the are to the Harbour Runners!

What this trail looks like:

  • 27 obstacles
  • Twee care posts (2x water + 1x fruit)
  • Vopak Safety Bridge (for safe crossing)
  • Four music zones
  • Three first aid posts (for safety)
  • A number of special surprised on the way!