TrustLube waves goodbye to Artemis

TrustLube waves goodbye to Artemis

Mid April after an impressive tour of the brand new self-propelled cutter dredgerArtemis with the entire TrustLube personnel we waved goodbye to the Artemis. This gigantic self-propelled cutter dredger was commissioned by Van Oord at IHC in the Netherlands.

A sturdy twin

The TrustLube engineers installed an innovative lubricating system on various parts of the Artemis. The Artemis is a  sister ship of the Athena which was delivered in 2011 and which is currently, like the Simson active in the Ichthys LNG project, in Darwin Australia. The Artemis is of course ruggedly built and specially developed for dredging activities in hard ground. The first job in France is already lined up. Dredging 500,000 m³ very hard rock and clay from the harbour basin of Grand Port Maritime de la Rochelle. 

Involved from at the drawing board

After the Athena, we are understandably proud to have been allowed to also provide the Artemis with our TrustLube lubrication solution. The system was included from the engineering phase in the development of the ship and installed as the sections were completed. We installed a total of 245 lubrication points on the cutter ladder, spud carrier, turning gland en steering gears. The four systems are controlled by one PLC driven control unit and pump. We were able to reduce the total use of lubricants from 600 kilo grease per week to not even 70 kilos. A gigantic saving and immense contribution to the green and sustainable passport of this immense cutter dredger.