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Operating at optimum efficiency is a machine's first step to maintaining productivity. TrustLube systems have been developed in such a way that for each lubrication point, an exact dosage of lubricant is used. TrustLube systems are highly reliable and capable of delivering top performance in very diverse environments. 

Lubrication Systems

The TrustLube systems is, due to the simplicity and reliability, the preferred choice for heavy-duty applications. With the TrustLube system one metering device per grease point is used. All metering devices are working independently of each other regardless of temperature, tube length and viscosity of the lubricant. TrustLube systems provide reliable lubrication for large extended installations and deliver an exact quantity of grease each cycle to provide optimal lubrication to eacht greasing point. 

Per greasing point the grease quantity can be exactly determined, by mounting the right metering device. A large range of different quantities is available from 0,11 cc to 7,5 cc, delivering each cycle an exact quantity at the right place. 

The quantity of grease is independent from outside temperature and pump running time. the system is completely hermetically sealed. Dirt, (sea)water or sand cannot enter the system. The complete system is constructed in stainless steel 316 or 6MO-quality. Each distribution metering device has a non-return check valve that prevents grease returning in the line. 

A TrustLube system and the metering devices are developed in such a way that segregation of grease cannot occur. Eacht metering device can e monitored electronically to detect a possible blockage in an early stage. The special stainless steel distribution blocks are designed by TrustLube to ensure easy fitting with the main lines which also makes future extensions, when necessary, very easy. The system can handle grease up to NLGI class 2. 

TrustLube metering devices are available in various quantities. They are induvidually mounted on robust manifolds. an entirely commissioned system is hermetically sealed and each metering device is responsible for a single lubrication point. the lubrication points provide the exact dosage under high pressure. Critical lubrication points are additionally monitored by a MDS-sensor or FBS-sensor.