Xtreme Bio Rack & Pinion NLGI 2

Xtreme Bio Rack & Pinion NLGI 2 is an extreme hybride complex thickened lubricating paste based on biodegradable esters. The grease contains antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors and an optimised mixture of non-metallic solids. The product does not contain conventional EP- and AW- additives since they are built in as an integral part of the soap structure.

The combination of the oil blend and functional soap gives the product excellent load carrying capacity, while the blend of non-metallic solids ensures good prevention against seizure. The grease has superb mechanical stability, good corrosion protection and excellent water resistance.

Xtreme Bio Rack & Pinion NLGI 2 is a modern high performance specialty pipe dope product for sensitive environments, typically marine and off-shore segments. The extreme load carrying capacity, the anti-sieze properties and the excellent water resistance make the product a perfect choice for heavily loaded drilling operations and similar applications where surfaces separation under static loads are essential.

The product is not suitable for lubrication of rolling bearings, gears, wires or chains.


• Excellent resistance to shock loads
• Excellent anti seize properties
• Very good water resistance