Xtreme Marine Bio VGP

Xtreme Marine Bio VGP is an anhydrous calcium thickened lubricating grease based on biodegradable esters. The grease contains antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors and EP/AW additives

The thickener, together with the biodegradable esters, makes the product suitable for lubrication of heavily loaded bearings and in wet and corrosive environments, even at low temperatures. The lubricating grease has excellent adhesion and water resistance.

Xtreme Marine Bio VGP is a modern high performance EAL grease for diversified use. The product it is suitable for marine on-deck applications. The grease is easily pumpable in most modern centralised lubrication systems.

Xtreme Marine Bio VGP is compliant to 2013 VGP legislation, the Swedish Standard 155470 and the EU Ecolabel.


• Readily biodegradable
• Excellent water resistance
• Good corrosion resistance