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Your world: mining

Mining, that's your world. Every day you and your colleagues extract minerals on the surface or deep under (sea) soil. For this work you depend on heavy machinery that must continue to work safely under the most extreme conditions. Whether it's about pumps, conveyor belts or excavators in open-cast and underground mines: standing still is not an option.

In motion. Non-stop.                   

The innovative automatic lubrication systems from TrustLube ensure that mining companies continue to operate smoothly; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world. You want to prevent downtime and ensure that your machines are used as efficiently as possible. Extreme inclination angles, extreme conditions, heat, moisture, dust, grit, mud and slurry constantly influence the lubrication process and the integrity of your installations. By efficient and targeted lubrication you prevent corrosion and wear. This way you extend the life of your machinery and you keep a grip on the TCO of your machine park.

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