Sustainability has our constant attention. In fact, it is at the heart of our organization. We help organizations to operate sustainably. And we operate sustainably ourselves. These are the ways in which TrustLube contributes to a better, safe world for people, animals and plants.

Longer lifetime

Thanks to the automatic lubrication systems from TrustLube, machines and installations last significantly longer. By extending the technical lifespan of installations, we limit all the challenges associated with dismantling the existing installation and purchasing and installing a new one.

Lubricant reduction

Efficient and targeted lubrication ensures that up to 70% less lubricant is needed. Smart, automatic lubrication prevents waste and reduces the burden on the environment. The added value is also in small things. Less lubrication, for example, also means less spillage, which contributes to safety in the workplace.

Safe lubricans

We only work with lubricants that are harmless to humans and (sea) life.

Environmental management

TrustLube heeft in 2010 een milieumanagementsysteem volgens ISO 14001 opgezet. Een zekerheid voor alle TrustLube klanten dat de hoogwaardige producten voldoen aan de strengste kwaliteitseisen en op een verantwoorde manier tot stand zijn gekomen.

In 2010 TrustLube has set up an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001. A guarantee for all TrustLube customers that the high-quality products meet the strictest quality requirements and have been developed in a responsible manner.

Corporate Sustainable Responsibility

Within more and more processes - from R&D and procurement to HR - TrustLube uses the guidelines of ISO 26000, an international guideline for corporate social responsibility.

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