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TrustLube sponsors the rowing competition Battle for Willemstad

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Water Weekend Willemstad

At TrustLube, we are proud of our sponsorship of the annual Battle for Willemstad, a thrilling rowing competition held every September during the Water Weekend in Willemstad. Our decision to support this event stems from our deep connection to Willemstad, where TrustLube is established, and our commitment to promoting sustainable practices within the maritime community.

The Battle for Willemstad is more than just a competition. It embodies the spirit of sustainability and the joy of physical activity. Rowing, as a sport, aligns perfectly with our values at TrustLube. It represents an environmentally friendly way to enjoy the water, relying solely on human strength and teamwork, without the need for fuel or emissions. This aspect of the sport resonates with our dedication to sustainability in the maritime sector.

Moreover, we believe in the power of sport to bring communities together and encourage an active lifestyle. The Battle for Willemstad does just that, drawing participants and spectators alike into an exciting and dynamic environment. It's an opportunity for us to engage with the community, share our passion for sustainable maritime practices, and promote the benefits of physical activity.

Our sponsorship of the Battle for Willemstad is a reflection of our ongoing commitment to supporting events and initiatives that emphasize sustainability and community engagement. We are excited to be part of this vibrant event and look forward to celebrating the spirit of rowing with the Willemstad community.

After-movie Battle for Willemstad 2023

Experience the excitement of the Water Weekend 2023 all over again! Check out our thrilling after-movie to relive the best moments of this spectacular rowing event.

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