TrustLube electric pump systems

Your world is constantly changing. Just like your installations. Intelligent lubrication is therefore essential. The TrustLube electric pump system distributes lubricant to the different dosing systems in your company. This keeps the dosage up to date and your machines always run smoothly. Our solutions are designed to function smoothly even under the toughest conditions.

What is an electric pump system?

The TrustLube electric pump system basically consists of a pump, a system controller that controls the pump and measuring equipment to properly dose the lubricant. In addition, it is possible for larger installations to supply the pumps with lubricant from a central location with a pre-filling system.

How does it work?

The lubricant is contained in a transparent reservoir. This allows you to see at a glance how much lubricant is still available. A filter ensures that only clean lubricant enters the reservoir. On top of the lubricant is a rubber piston, which ensures that no air enters the pumping system.

Transport in the pump

With a pulsating scraper, the lubricant is transported from the reservoir under low pressure to two separate main lines. Each line consists of two plungers, in which the lubricant is transported under high pressure to the various dosing systems. The plungers are adjusted to deliver the correct amount of lubricant.

Pressure monitoring

At the front of the pump is a hydraulic control valve, together pressure sensors, stainless steel pressure gauges and a valve to prevent overpressure. The pump system thus monitors the pressure in both main pipes.

Two cycles

The pump system uses one main line at a time. Thus, in the first cycle, the lubricant is pumped through line 1. It supplies all dosing units with lubricant. After all points are lubricated, the system hydraulically shuts off the line and the pressure increases in line 1. The system controller then automatically switches to main line 2. Then the second cycle starts.

Technische details

  • Maximale pump pressure: 400 bar
  • Capaciteit reservoir: 40 tot 100 liter
  • Rendement: 500 cc/minuut
  • Motor: 230/400VAC / 50-60Hz (optioneel 440/460VAC / 60Hz, explosiebestendig)
  • Gewicht: 125 kg

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