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Consortium Grensmaas

TrustLube eliminated bearing failure for Grensmaas, whose purpose is flood protection, nature development and gravel extraction.

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Consortium Grensmaas B.V.
Automatic Lubrication Systems

About this project

The Grensmaas project focuses on three key objectives: flood protection along the Maas River, nature development, and gravel extraction. A significant challenge arose during the operation - a recurring lubrication issue on the sword washers of the ship used in the project.

Frequent failures led to the replacement of shafts and stumps, costing up to €5,000 each and occurring as often as 3-4 times a month. This not only led to substantial financial strain but also caused operational delays. The introduction of the TrustLube system marked a turning point in the project.

After installing TrustLube's precision lubrication systems, the results were remarkable. Over several years, the need for replacements dramatically reduced, with only one shaft needing replacement since the installation. This significant decrease in maintenance requirements led to considerable cost savings and increased operational efficiency.

The success at Consortium Grensmaas is a testament to how TrustLube's innovative solutions and dedicated service can overcome challenging industrial problems. Our system not only resolved a persistent maintenance issue but also contributed to the smooth and efficient progress of a project with significant environmental and societal impacts.

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