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FPSO lubrication

TrustLube designs automatic turret lubrication for FPSOs

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TrustLube lubricates extreme large bearings on turrets of floating production platforms around the world. The turret is permanently integrated towards the bow of the vessel and will allow the vessel to passively weathervane around the anchor legs and take up the position of the least resistance to the prevailing weather while simultaneously transferring fluids, power and communication signals between the vessel and the subsea equipment. 

The full explosion proof greasing system is skid-built and located in or near the main bearing. The design can be a bogie bearing arrangement, roller bearing or wheel bearing with axial and radial wheels. The complete system is engineered in such a way that it can lubricate based on wind direction, using TrustLube special software. 

TrustLube also supplies her Xtreme Pressure 2000 grease that has an extreme adhesion to steel and superb lubricating abilities. Moreover, it can withstand the extreme pressures that come into play with these kinds of enormous bearings.