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Wind Turbine Installation Vessels

Saving 75% of lubricants on jack-ups

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Jackups are used more and more to install offshore wind turbines. Where these vessels would jack once to three times per year, they now have to jack-up or jack-down every day or more. In the past it was feasible to have 12 people greasing the chords (three cords per leg, four legs per jack-up), even though this was a very hazardous job. Imagine people running from one side of the chord to grease the teeth to the other side of the chord, carrying a brush or roller loaded with grease. The grease will spill on the floor, making running around quite a challenge. Also, the teeth are moving up or down, depending on the jacking direction and thus moving away from or towards the platform, making it risky getting stuck between tonnes of moving steel. 

TrustLube has developed a highly sophisticated automatic lubrication system reducing the prescribed grease quantity by a whopping 75% when combined with the right grease: Xtreme Rack & Pinion 2000. With our grease sprocket wheels TrustLube lubricates the teeth of the rack, while the grease drippers provide the driven pinions with grease. The grease wipers apply grease to the tip and side of the teeth, while simultaneously removing dirt. The fully in-house developed and stand-alone operated software ensures the dispensing of the grease at the right moment, depending on the jacking speed. This same software also makes it possible to monitor the exact amount of grease dispensed per cycle, per jacking and per time interval.

The use of this system, combined with Xtreme Rack & Pinion 2000 grease has made this enormous saving possible. This Xtreme Rack & Pinion 2000 grease has an extreme adhesion to steel, even under water. It is cream colored, which makes it easily visible on the teeth above and under sea level. The adhesion to steel is not only important to reduce the relubrication interval, but also because it is of the utmost importance that the turbines, nacelles and blades remain free from grease and dirt.