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The world of food and beverage, that is your world. Every day you and your colleagues produce high-quality products. This is becoming increasingly efficient; your production lines are being further automated. Speed, reliability and uptime are of the utmost importance. Just like constant quality and food safety. That is why your production lines must keep moving reliably under all circumstances. Because standing still is not an option.

In motion. Non-stop.                   

The innovative automatic lubrication systems from TrustLube ensure that food processing companies continue to run smoothly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Moisture, temperature differences, cleaning procedures constantly influence the lubrication process and the integrity of your production lines. By efficient and targeted lubrication you prevent wear and you extend the life of your machinery. In addition, you have to invest significantly less in lubricants and maintenance.

Because you lubricate in a highly targeted manner, the chance of contamination decreases significantly. In this way we do not increase the availability and productivity of production lines, we lower the operational costs and contribute to maximum food safety.

The safety of your operators and maintenance engineers is just as important. Our lubricants are not harmful to people or the environment. When you lubricate automatically, your people no longer have to lubricate manually in dangerous places. You also reduce the chance of a slippery work floor.

Customized lubrication systems for food processing installations  

Every food concept is unique, every production line is unique. That is why we always develop our automatic lubrication systems for the food processing industry to measure. Thanks to our vast and worldwide experience, we know better than anyone how production processes at food processing companies are organized and what challenges these companies face. With TrustLube you can easily take the uptime, efficiency, safety and reliability of your production lines to a higher level.

Five TrustLube benefits 

  • 70% less lubricant – thanks to the smart systems of TrustLube you can lubricate up to 70% more efficiently
  • Maintenance-free - thanks to the robust design, our automatic lubrication systems require hardly any attention or maintenance
  • Hermetically sealed - water, sand, mud have no influence on the functioning of the lubrication system.
  • Higher uptime - our automatic lubrication systems reduce the risk of wear, breakage and downtime.
  • Lower TCO - with TrustLube you save on maintenance and lubricant, among other things, so that your Total Cost of Ownership of your installation will drop.

Part of a larger network

We value contact with our community. That is why TrustLube is a proud member of, among others, Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT), IRO and the Dutch Wind Energy Association (NWEA)


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